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About Us: Spencer & Robert import  luxury jewellery rolls, exquisite jewellery pieces and aromatic soy candles.                We are committed to producing elegant, quality products to enhance and enrich your lifestyle.


Travel Rolls: Need somewhere to put your watches, jewellery, necklaces and cuff links when you travel? Spencer                          & Robert travel wallets are the perfect accessory for you. Similar to a travel wallet for your passports     and boarding passes, we provide a custom wallet to fit all your jewellery in the one place.  


Scarf pouches: A stylish pouch which allows you to store loose clothing items such as a scarf, and protect them from any damage.

Jewellery:  Featured jewellery pieces are simple, elegant designs.  These items are sterling silver with gold/rose gold plating available for most pieces.  Please see the product description for options.

Soy Candles:  Aromatic soy candles available in enticing scents of Lemongrass, Vanilla & Caramel, and                                               Champagne & Strawberries.  Burn time of 30 hours.  Includes reusable glass jars with bamboo    


Events: Spencer & Robert would like to showcase our products and we want to see you there. Every now and then, we will hold a product exhibition for you to come and see our products, as well as any new stock that has arrived. This will be held in Moorabbin and will be free of charge. If you would like any further information, please subscribe to receive further information on upcoming events. 

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